Why Quality Merchandise Matters (Even for Cheap Giveaways)

Branded merchandise can often take on an undesirable connotation of cheapness or disposability. Yes, this reputation ignores all of the luxurious branded items offered by prestige brands like Ferrari and De Beers, but it also recognizes all of the promo items that fall apart upon a few uses.

Pens that explode into springs and plastic, mugs that break in the sink, USB sticks that have their plastic housing slide off when you try to remove them — all of these incidents happen too often when it comes to branded merchandise and promotional items. Some brands even charge full retail price for apparel that has been ill designed or that literally comes apart at the seams.

Solving this problem requires understanding two things:

  1. Branded merchandise is all about generating positive impressions and solidifying brand affinity.
  2. You can find quality merchandise that fits within your budget even at a cost-per-item of a few cents.

Explore these statements more deeply and discover how to improve your merchandising-backed promotional marketing by reading on.

Poor Quality Merchandise Implies a Poor Quality Brand

Brand reputation is a tough thing to control in an age where everyday people can generate viral stories via social media. As a result, every single impression of your brand matters.

Someone who encounters a well-designed branded product could signal boost your brand to friends and peers online. On the other hand, someone complaining about a branded item falling apart on them could lead to a bandwagon of negative sentiment. Rest assured that the people who post vocally online about your products are just the tip of the iceberg, too. For every person who speaks up — positively or negatively — you have dozens or hundreds more who simply communicate their sentiments to their social groups in-person.

Branded items should be capable of starting a positive conversation in nearly all contexts. Even if no one directly mentions the item, its presence should never draw attention to the fact that the brand cuts corners or associates themselves with sub-standard merchandise.

In fact, when branded merchandise is executed well, it becomes highly desirable. A unique logo variation or a useful item bearing a brand can have an undeniable “cool” factor about it.

Suddenly, you don’t just have a pen but a pen bearing a subtle, well-designed logo for a brand you care about.

Brands with loyal followings among consumers, franchisees and B2B peers have an even deeper obligation to generate a “wow!” moment, no matter how small. Some of the most successful brands we work with find new ways to explore their brand through unique designs and creative ideas to extend their brand upon desirable products.

You Have More Options Than Cheap Import Vendors Imply

The biggest reason that brands source shoddy products has less to do with cost than it does creativity. People in charge of ordering promos can feel like they have limited options for sourcing but overwhelming options for the products available. They may therefore choose some of the more obvious options — the cheapest pens, the most popular flash drives, cute stress balls (that few people will actually get value from).

When you work with an experienced, versatile company like Helm, you can find the items that can fit both your budget goals and your campaign goals in a way that generates value for recipients. Taking the time to find products at their source, give them adequate branding through proprietary printing and screening processes, and distribute them in a cost-effective way can all keep your budget low without hurting the quality experience for recipients.

The result? People actually find value in the branded merchandise they receive, and they end up representing the brand with pride rather than an air of disposability. Suddenly, a promotional item becomes something people turn around for when they leave it at the hotel rather than dismissing it.

These moments, where people understand the meaningfulness and inherent appeal behind the branded merchandise, is what we at Helm really create.

Explore your options for creating high-quality branded merchandise flexibly fit to your campaign goals and budget when you contact us today.

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