Why It's Not One-Size-Fits-All for Promotional Marketing

The next time you are presented with a “promo package” or a slim catalog of promotional items to choose from, politely decline the person’s services and start walking the other way.

There is never any “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to capturing your company’s unique brand essence and marketing goals. In fact, having the exact same promotional items as everyone else can seriously damage your brand reputation, making you feel disposable.

Quality promotional marketing campaigns add a unique twist to each item, even if they are procured from a common low-cost bulk source. By taking the time and attention to detail needed to make your promotional line unique, you show why your brand is unique, display your values proudly and inspire affinity among every person who encounters your promos.

This approach is the only adequate, sustainable way to extend your brand. Any compromises and concessions to the “one-size-fits-all” mentality turn your products into a disposable commodity. Is that really something you want associated with your brand?

You Have Literally Millions of Options for Promotional Marketing Product Sourcing

One of the biggest issues we have with the “one-size-fits-all" approach is that it is wholly unnecessary. Promo merchandising companies that refuse to curate their options beyond a short list are simply ignoring all of the possibilities out there.

Nearly any finished product you imagine can be sourced in a raw form and decorated to suit your unique brand ideals. These can often fulfill bulk, low-cost goals while still exuding a level of quality and brand integrity necessary for your goals.

For prestige items, like commemorative pens, awards, or luxurious garments, you can choose from the best of the best without having to select from a tiny pick list. In fact, some of the biggest, most desirable apparel and accessory brand names out there utilize cost-effective sourcing right from the same people you could use. Just imagine having a custom, multi-layered zip winter parka with your company’s logo on it. Now, compare that to a generic windbreaker or polo — likely of middling quality — and you can understand the difference it makes to consider all available options rather than digging into the “bin” of what’s available.

Common Product Sourcing Doesn’t Have to Mean Common Products

Say you want the lowest-cost items for your promotion with a minimum of overhead. Why not trust a generic promo merchandise ordering system? Because, even then, you can do better.

Helm partners with printers, decorators, and product finishing operations all over the country. We can help you create a unique take on common “giveaway” items, such as pens, mugs, plastic cups, frisbees or ball caps.

By determining the exact design you need to fulfill your goals, you can solidify the appeal and affinity for specific brands, products or campaigns. For instance, rather than simply screening your logo onto an everyday pen, you can determine a unique color scheme that matches your brand’s visual assets. You can also employ custom touches, like a wraparound design, a

high-definition image or a raised logo.

No matter what your budget is, you can always find a better way to accomplish your goals by going custom and looking for products right from the source. That is how Helm is able to create millions of different promotional items every year while making each one feel like a unique experience deeply entrenched in brand values.

Create your own promotional campaign today by taking a look at what our branded merchandising services can do for you.

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