Top Trends in Branded Merchandise for 2023

Top Trends in Branded Merchandise for 2023


You know them, your customers love them, and your brand’s image is impacted by them- promotional products and branded merchandise. Promotional products have been utilized by businesses around the world for more than 200 years as a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, boost customer loyalty and more, but to get the most from your branded merchandise programs, a strategic effort must go into your product selection. It’s important to offer a product mix that provides the best shopping experience for your customers; because, while 89% of consumers possess a promotional writing utensil, 72% believe a brand’s reputation is reflected in the quality of the promo products they offer.

So, what’s hot and what’s not? Read on to learn about this year’s top trends in branded merchandise and promotional products.


What’s Trending in 2023?


Eco-Mania: Recycled or Environmentally Friendly Products

While sustainable and environmentally conscious merchandise isn’t new to the branded merchandise scene, it continues to dominate both in importance and value to potential customers. According to Forbes, two-thirds of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable items, in part due to the direct relationship between environmental balance (or imbalance),the economy and, because of the rising urgency of the climate crisis, the peace of mind in knowing that they’ve contributed to positive environmental change.Offering a selection of promotional merchandise that is organically sourced, made with naturally harvested fibers or made of recycled material (such asHelm’s newest eco-friendly apparel line, LoopZero), is the first step of many in providing your customers with relevant goods and sharing your companies values and commitments to sustainability.


Name Brand Brag, Using Your Label

Promotional merchandise made in sponsorship with iconic brands can bring a touch of pizazz to any item. By doing so, you create a distinct connection between the high-quality corporate culture of your brand and the magnitude and popularity of another. Collaboration not only ensures that you get premium content from an established brand name, but also opens avenues to friendly business and partnership. Whether you choose to work with the likes of YETI, Nike, or another established brand, uniting with a large corporation can give your brand the extra edge that makes your brand name stand out to your customers.


Jet-setting Essentials: Exploration, Vacation and Travel Items

Travel is expected to make a reemergence this year as COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen. Jetsetters are itching to visit somewhere new and families can hardly wait to be reunited with long-distanced loved ones. Providing branded merchandise options that customers can take on the go is the perfect accessory for any ambitious traveler. During panicked packing frenzies, your perfect promotional item - let’s say, for example, a neck pillow - will leave consumers feeling relieved that your item, and subsequently your brand, alleviated some of their pre-vacation stress. Chic tote bags, luggage tags, travel mugs and even sunscreen samples can show buyers that you’re reliable and there for them, even during some of their more adventurous endeavors.


Creating Comfort: Products that Inspire Rest and Relaxation

There’s nothing consumers love more than an invitation to sit back, relax and take much-needed time to themselves to mentally and physically recharge. So, it only makes sense to affiliate your brand with those positive feelings of contentment, relaxation, and revitalization. Promotional products that encourage comfort and care, such as candles, cooling sleeping masks or hygiene accessories achieve the perfect balance of practicality and class that will serve as a recharging lifeline to your customers. It’ll also show that your brand takes an active interest in promoting healthier, balanced lifestyles - a must for anyone who feels that the challenges of modern society can be burdensome.


Interest in Innovation: Newest Discoveries and Breakthroughs

2023is sure to go down as a year of innovation and accomplishment. As we continue to not only refine but drastically improve essential (and non-essential)services and products, it’s easy to forget that our buyers are just as excited as we are to explore new-world marvels and technological advancements. Giving consumers a glimpse of what the future can offer today, is a fantastic way to show the fluidity and adaptability of your brand when adopting new, more efficient technologies and practices. Specially curated swag packs with sleek water bottles and thermoses, Bluetooth technology, and any items sporting “new, never before” labels are ideal for demonstrating that your brand is looking towards the future and won’t leave dedicated consumers behind in the past.


EventSupport: Items for Special Occasions

Limited-time branded merchandise that matches with a coordinated event showcase is one of our favorite sure-fire ways to effortlessly amplify your brand name. Any special occasion can be commemorated with pens and keychains (these items have longshelf lives, generating thousands of impressions), caps, various apparel items, and bags or totes. And, to sweeten the deal, promo items that couple with events need little explanation or advertisement - the items do that themselves!Gifted event mementos are the perfect way to create a lasting connection between a customer's fond memories of a particular event and your brand image and services.



Why Helm? Get the Most from Your Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise has proven to be an invaluable marketing tool. Amongst consumers, branded products rank as the most effective form of advertising to prompt action.Across all generations, recipients recollect and respond better to promotional merchandise than any other form of advertising—including online, mobile, print, and broadcast.

An effective branded merchandise program must support a diverse product mix that not only aligns with current trends, but also reflects your unique brand identity. It must be curated to your customer’s specific needs to take your brand to the next level.

Helm offers branded merchandise programs that turn simple promotional items into curated, best-in-class merchandise collections for some of the most recognizable brands today. Our team works with each client to ensure their brand identity is highlighted throughout their curated collection to provide the best shopping experience for their target audience. The Helm team is here with the talent, passion, and dedication to remind your target customers who you are through long-lasting, consistent strategic exposure.

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