Top 5 Tech Products for 2023

As we phase out the digital age and move into the fourth industrial revolution, businesses and large corporations around the world are taking eager steps to prepare for a new era. The future requires prioritizing the integration of ease and efficiency through smart automation into the everyday life of the consumer.

Looking at 2023’s best marketing strategies, trending items, styles, and eStore essentials, it’s impossible to imagine a future of merchandising without the influences of technology. When it comes to diversifying your product mix, tech-oriented items are a must, especially if you want your brand to remain relevant for decades to come. Read on to learn what types of technology-driven products will add an innovative spark to your branded merchandise selection.


#1: Sophisticated Speakers and Audio Devices

While not new to the tech industry, Bluetooth speakers are improving in design, durability, and value every day. With new variations readily available, consumers love having a multitude of options for their specific listening needs. From waterproof speakers for poolside parties to portable models small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, your customers will be jamming to their favorite music while carrying your company with them wherever they go. This product category continues to generate timeless revenue.


#2: Wireless Charging Devices

Not only do standard charging cords and cables require routine replacement, but they clutter any workspace and can pose potential threats to house pets and small children. While cheap and easy to manufacture, charging cables are making their less-than-graceful exit after too many years of frayed cording, ports bent beyond use and hopelessly tangled messes of wires. But what is here to replace them? Afterall, our devices can’t function without battery life! This is where wireless charging comes into play. Along with providing universal charge to different types and brands of devices, wireless chargers can be safer and more portable than regular charging cords. These types of device chargers have skyrocketed in popularity for the reasons mentioned above, as well as their ease, practicality and sleek designs.

#3: Noise-Cancelling Headphones and Premium Earbuds

High-quality wireless headphones and earbuds are an essential convenience in today’s world. Music and podcast lovers can’t live without them for their daily commute or workday. And what about students and business associates living in today’s hybrid – in-person/remote – work environment? A quality pair of headphones is vital to the success of their day. According to a study conducted by Canalys, the demand for wireless headphones in the United States will jump a billion dollars by 2025. Consumers are willing to pay more for additional features, like noise cancellation and near-field communication. This is a great opportunity to partner with established audio brands to co-brand trusted products in the industry. Don’t stop the music by neglecting to include wireless headphones and earbuds in your product selection.


#4: Device Accessories

As of 2021, more than 97% of households own a cellphone. The popularity of device accessories, ranging from protective cases to ring light add-ons, has increased year after year. Niche options and varieties vary by device type, providing countless items to choose from: cases, screen protectors, dangling charms, external batteries, selfie sticks, webcam covers and more.

Regardless of what type of phone, laptop, or tablet accessories you choose to offer, it’s critical to remain up to date on what is compatible with the newest devices. For example, Bluetooth capability is now essential for iPhone users who no longer have a headphone jack built into their devices; alternatively, offering dongles, adapters that plug into preexisting ports, is also practical.


#5: Health Monitoring Devices

Nothing screams the present like looking out for the future. Maintaining balanced physical and mental health has become a priority for those wanting to establish health-conscious lifestyles to ensure a happier, more robust future. Nearly 60% of American consumers are hoping to integrate better health habits into their everyday lives. Your brand can accommodate this need through health monitoring devices and kits. Water bottles that glow to indicate when you need to hydrate, fitness and health wrist devices, and heart rate and sleep trackers are just a few invaluable tech-based health tools that continue to rise in popularity for their innovative role in accessible health care monitoring.


We know it is essential to maintain a product mix that engages your customers and is unique to your brand. Effectively incorporating these popular technology-driven items into your branded merchandise arsenal is one way to do that. Helm works with many of today’s biggest names to elevate their brands through strategic merch programs. Learn more about our brand merchandising solutions here. Contact us by email or by phone at 1-800-445-4831.

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