Winterize Your Branding: The Top 10 Winter Merchandise Must-Haves

Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and an icy chill has begun to fill the air. Winter is quickly approaching, and customers are beginning to take stock of cold temperature necessities. From fleecy blankets to snug mittens and gloves, there’s a variety of items your audience will soon be seeking out to help them weather the winter months in comfort and style. Regardless of your industry, offering wintery branded merchandise selections can warm hearts and fill shopping carts while boosting your sales and brand reputation. As the holiday season draws near, it’s the perfect time for your business to refresh your inventory and give customers options to get cozy and make the most of the season. Read on to check out the top 10 winter products customers are warming up to this winter.

#10 – Savory Snack Boxes and Christmas cards

For friends and loved ones near and far, snack boxes and holiday cards are the perfect way to send season’s greetings. Treat boxes, with goodies ranging from cookies to chocolates to pretzels and more, are accessible gifts your customers can purchase for themselves and others. Charcuterie boards, chocolatey samplings, and all things peppermint allow your clientele to make their holiday gatherings special and unique.

#9 – Merry Snow Globes and Candles

When taking a reprieve from seasonal storms, wind gusts, and chills, a festive candle or custom snow globe can serve as the perfect respite from the flurry outside. Not only do they make wonderful adornments for your customers' homes, but they can provide the perfect sensory relief and distraction from the briskness of winter. With candles, you can incorporate holiday scents, like gingerbread, peppermint, and pine, to complement the festive environment of any home while creating a calming, comforting affinity between customers and your brand.

#8 – Steamy Coffee Mugs and Thermoses

Not only are coffee mugs and thermoses the perfect employee or friendly gift, but they also make wonderful seasonal tokens of gratitude. As temperatures drop and the wind chill rises, having a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate with you can be the difference between a miserable morning and an exceptional one. When you sip a hot beverage on a frosty day, you’re sure to feel all things good and warm within the world. Translate that feeling to your customers and clients through a selection of branded mugs, thermoses, and tumblers.

#7 – Toasty Blankets

After a long day, nothing is better than curling up beside loved ones with a fluffy, oversized blanket to keep you warm. Customizable or branded throws are the perfect way to embed your business into any home setting. Other, more creative alternatives include portable-sleeved blankets. These portable, one-size-fits-all wearable blankets are a fun seasonal addition that can be worn all year long.

#6 – Festive Holiday Accessories

What is the holiday season without seasonal adornments and ornaments? From oversized Christmas stockings to more practical items like gifting supplies, offering a unique selection of branded decorative and ornamental items is the perfect way to enhance any homestead. For your brand’s biggest fans, these items can create an invaluable connection between your business and the season of giving. Additionally, there is a unique opportunity to recreate these items each year and inspire your audience to build a collection or maintain an ongoing tradition with your brand.

#5 – Wintery Scarves and Earmuffs

Fashionable, versatile, and accentuating – these are a few words that can describe a well-designed scarf or pair of earmuffs. These commonly overlooked winter accessories can be just the thing to set your customers apart from the crowd. Aside from being seasonally trendy, these items also have much to offer as technological advancements are made. For example, heated ear warmers or earmuffs are the perfect collaboration between comfort and tech and are sure to keep wearers looking classy and feeling cozy.

#4 – Snug Slippers and Socks

Nothing says happy holidays quite like the sound of padded feet making their way to the kitchen for a big family dinner. From stockings to slippers, there are dozens of options when it comes to keeping customer’s feet nice and comfortable when wood and tile floors turn frigid. Aside from serving as a great gift for almost anyone, festive slippers and holiday socks are some of the most popular seasonal accessories, especially for those susceptible to the cold. Shake things up with fun text on the soles of socks or incorporate fur and fuzzy linings for a chic look. For kids, toe socks can be both entertaining and comfy.

#3 – Cozy Hats and Beanies

Hats, caps, and beanies are increasingly popular amongst the young and old alike and are a reliable point of sale that can maintain relevance throughout fall and spring. Knit caps, beanies, and even berets offer a fashionable alternative to keeping the head and ears warm. Others, like fuzzy bucket hats and beanies with pom-poms, put a youthful twist on a wintery necessity. Whether you opt to offer balaclavas or keep it simple with a rustic trapper hat, there are countless styles for limitless audiences to fall in love.

#2 – Warm Mittens and Gloves

From shoveling snowy driveways to building snowmen with the kids, a well-made set of mittens or gloves is the perfect practical necessity for any winter worker. Hands are the most susceptible to the cold, and while introducing a selection of mittens and gloves may seem niche, you’ll earn the gratitude of your customers when they have you to thank for toasty, frostbite-free fingers. For a modern, unique spin on a classic item, try incorporating touch screen pads to the fingertips of gloves – your customers will thank you later when they snap the perfect snowy photo without baring their knuckles to the cold.

#1 – Fleece Apparel

When you think of winter, one of the first things likely to pop into your head is a warm, insulated sweater or jacket. Aside from serving as a wintery must-have, apparel items like coats, parkas, and hoodies rank as the third most desirable Christmas gift among those who celebrate. From flannels to furs, your brand can incorporate a variety of styles and materials to best suit the diverse tastes of your customers. If you’re feeling more festive, ugly holiday sweaters are an excellent avenue of sale, associating your brand with the joy of winter.

How Will You Holiday?

The possibilities for cold weather merchandise are endless! Every product can be tailor-made to fit the aesthetics and needs of your customers while building affinity between your customers and your brand. Make sure not to overlook these seasonal essentials when it comes to preparing your wintery stock. For a visual look at exceptional winter and holiday merchandise trends, check out the Helm Holiday Gift Guide.

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