The Best High-End Branded Merchandise Items for Your Brand Store

A Taste for the Finer Things in Life:

When all is said and done, offering promotional items and traditional merchandise may not be enough to match the needs of your most dedicated and more mature customers.  One of the leading causes for a decrease in customer loyalty and, subsequently, an increase in brand-switching is a lack of variety in your product mix. Offering a selection of premium, higher-end items caters to the needs of those looking to significantly invest in your company while also obtaining exceptional, one-of-a-kind branded products that propound prestige and class. AtHelm, we strive to provide brand service necessities, like standard branded-merchandise, while also providing affordable avenues for your company to feature higher-end, more profitable items. Take a look at this carefully compiled list of the most popular higher-end items that your brand enthusiasts and more sophisticated clientele will love.


Sophisticated Spirits: Classy Glasses and Drinkware

After all long day, there’s nothing more relaxing (or refined) than sitting down with a glass of scotch or whiskey and sipping the day’s worries away. A branded drinking or shot glass serves as the perfect partner for anyone who enjoys a casual drink or for those who host evening soirees. These days there are endless options to choose from for you to reach the most particular group in your target audience. For example, cigar connoisseurs would praise your brand for your ingenuity when you offer a drinking glass with a built-in cigar holder. Never again will they have to bother with clunky, dirty ashtrays.


Fashion at its Finest: High-end Wearables

Whether your customers choose to rock custom, elegant watches or stand out with designer-quality handbags and sunglasses, it’s worthwhile to offer a variety of high-end clothing and wearables.  There will always be new styles of apparel and accessories or classics to match the personality of your clientele.  Leather jackets, cashmere or silk scarves and classic aviators are just a few of our favorites that we see climbing in popularity year after year.


Spruce up Your Living Space: Home Decor

What is home, if not the best reflection of ourselves in the spaces we choose to inhabit? By including various types of home décor in your product selection, you can enable customers to decorate their homes with your curated branded styles.  Bar stools, wall decorations and collectible displays are just a few examples of items that will meet the wants and needs of your biggest fans and serve as free advertisement for every guest that graces their homes.


Outdoor Endeavors: Patio Entertainment and Equipment

Outdoor commodities are a must for barbeque maestros and lawn-game fanatics. Luxury grills, corn-hole sets, standing tents and even portable pizza ovens make the perfect addition to any patio party or relaxing weekend on the porch. Grilling isn’t just limited to warmer seasons - an estimated 75% of barbeque owners enjoy grilling during colder seasons, too! Additionally, providing outdoor equipment opens new, profitable avenues for accessory sales – branded beanbag bundles, grilling toolsets and lawn furniture are just a few items you can stock to accompany your outdoor product collections.


Riding in Style: Bicycles and Transportation Tools

It would be callous to leave the rise of the electric bicycle - or e-bike -unmentioned on our list. E-bike sales are expected to double worldwide compared to sales in 2019 - a figure that comes as little surprise. Between 2020 and2023 alone, more than 130 million e-bikes were sold. As consumers pursue more sustainable and affordable transportation alternatives, the e-bike verges on achieving mass adoption. Electric scooters are also making a noticeable impact on transportation markets, especially amongst youths eager to get to one place from another more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. Fusing your name with these fun and utility items ensures brand recognition and association.


Now, Put Profits into Practice

Whether you offer just one category of our recommended high-end products or all of them, Helm’s creative and branded merchandise teams are well-equipped to work within your parameters while promising premium results. To learn more about how to best incorporate high-end items into your arsenal of branded merchandise, chat with a Helm representative at 1-800-445-4831 or contact usat today!

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