Sustainability Matters

We live in a modern existence that consumes a great deal of natural resources every day. It is estimated that we use about 40% more resources than we can put back every year. From urban centers that consume more power than average keeping streets lit and powering appliances to individuals and companies that consistently waste food and water or purchase single-use plastics. There are many examples of unsustainable practices; and for the last few decades, people have not only acknowledged the issues this causes, but truly begun to work toward change.


What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is defined as the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources, in order to keep an ecological balance that maintains the quality of life of modern societies. Sustainability is not only about the environment, it’s also about our health as a society. It is a value that must be shared by individuals and organizations. Have you ever considered how your day-to-day life affects society as a whole and its future?


Sustainability in Business

Sustainability is generally made up of three pillars: the economy, society, and the environment; which are also informally referenced as profit, people, and planet. For a business to be considered sustainable, it must be able to conserve natural resources, support a healthy community and workforce, and earn enough revenue to remain financially viable for the long-term. In short, a business’s sustainability goals should have a positive impact on the environment or on society. Businesses may look to reduce their environmental impact by using renewable energy or by reducing waste, but they can also be more sustainable by fostering diversity and fairness in their workforce, or enacting policies that benefit the local community.


Helm Transparency in Sustainability

Helm has committed to a fundamental shift in business practice and the products and services we offer to clients. We are honored to have joined the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to being a responsible company. This commitment is to operate responsibly, in alignment with universal sustainability principles, take actions to support society, and report to the UN Global Compact annually on our ongoing efforts.

Additionally, Helm is proud to have received an EcoVadis Silver Medal Rating Award. EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 90,000+ rated companies. We received the silver sustainability medal after having been rated in four performance areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. With our scores coming in balanced across all areas, we have a scientifically calculated view of our current sustainable practices, placing us in the top 13% of companies rated by EcoVadis in our industry.   Receiving this award is validation that our efforts are important and influences us to continue seeking new ways to make sustainable business decisions.


What is Helm doing to be Sustainable?

A better future starts today, and we have maintained sustainable practices and created new ones for our business. We've taken steps to identify and develop sustainable apparel sourced from 100% recycled post-consumer materials, we work with partners dedicated to creating products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and together with our customers we can help drive the industry towards a more environmentally friendly future. We are proud of the work we are doing toward sustainability and excited about our commitment to operate responsibly.


Want to know More?

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