How To Wow Your Customers & Employees with Branded Merchandise

Surprise and Delight with Gifted Swag

Gifting branded merchandise to clients, customers and employees is an essential element of successful marketing and brand development strategies. Giveaways, rewards, and incentives are key drivers for positive employee and customer relations. With a little investment, you can strengthen important relationships and build a reputation for being a generous company.

Whether your gifts and giveaways are a part of your overall branded merchandise strategy, or you prefer to plan quarterly or seasonally, these offerings will amplify your business. Read on to learn why you should take the leap and invest in branded gifts and giveaways.


Giveaways that Give Back: Customer Giveaways

Have you ever come across a giveaway or raffle when you open Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform? While some businesses are hesitant to offer free merchandise through social media giveaways, the benefits often outweigh the risks. 62% of marketers say that using branded items in social media giveaways has increased their brand visibility. Additionally, a business has the potential to acquire 34% of its new customers through giveaways.

It’s clear that when done properly, customer giveaways can drastically inflate your social media presence, average engagements, and overall web presence. Running giveaway contests enables your brand to reach new customers and grow your audience. The key is ensuring that you collect the appropriate contact information upon entry. Not only will you be growing your social media presence, but also adding to your email and messaging contact lists.


Welcome to the Family: Employee Welcome Kits

Think back to your first onboarding experience - the first-day jitters, the dozens of new names to memorize, and the barrage of new responsibilities to learn and perfect. Joining a new team can be intimidating, especially if new employees feel disconnected from their employers. According to a Blue Board survey, three out of five employees will consider leaving their job if they feel disconnected from their employers, co-workers, and company purpose - even if they don’t have any other backup job offers.

Welcome kits are a growing necessity and expectation in the business world, proven to promote employee productivity, dedication to your brand, and overall efficiency. Employees who report having a pleasant onboarding experience are three times more likely to be ‘extremely satisfied’ with their workplace. Whether you provide complete onboarding kits that include branded office supplies or a smaller ‘desk drop’ with inspiring messaging, a warm welcome can go a long way. Branded employee welcome kits are proven to stimulate long-lasting employee growth and success.

Inspire Success: Employee Rewards and Incentives

According to a Deloitte study, 88% of employees believe that understanding workplace culture is a key component of a business’s success, which can include giving rewards and incentives. Offering new employees a customized welcome kit is not the only factor in creating a positive and productive work environment. Providing rewards and incentives for hard work and dedication boosts morale and shows your employees that you value them.

Branded merchandise as award offerings is a win-win for all. It allows your business to show appreciation to hard working employees while also promoting your brand. Employees who receive branded merchandise in this way are more likely to feel appreciated and motivated to continue performing at their best. Studies show that 71% of employees who received branded merchandise as a reward felt more valued by their employer. Including branded items that align with your business culture as gift options allows your employees to become brand ambassadors both inside and outside of the office.  


Incorporating Gifts, Giveaways, Rewards & Incentives into Your Business

Offering branded merchandise to customers, clients, and employees through gifts and giveaways is a smart investment for your brand. Your business will see legitimate returns in the form of increased awareness, brand loyalty, employee retention and more. At Helm, we are always working to surprise and delight your customers. Whether you would like to build a long-term strategic program or utilize our spot-buy services, we are here to help.

Helm’s direct-to-garment and print-on-demand services can provide your brand with limitless giveaway and welcome kit options to revitalize your business operations, marketing tactics, visibility, and employee engagement. Don’t risk being seen as absent or disengaged with your audiences - even the smallest welcome gifts or annual giveaways can stimulate unparalleled growth and connectivity among employees, consumers, and clients.

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