Helm Introduces LOOPZERO

Small Steps, Big Changes

As society becomes more aware of how human behaviors negatively affect our environment, we are forced to come to terms with what our future will look like if we don’t make changes now. Of course, we as individuals can look at our own personal actions, but large corporations and businesses can have a larger impact. Businesses must evaluate how their operations contribute to air, water, and land pollution and take steps to minimize waste in their business practices.

Did you know that pollution is a greater threat to human life expectancy than smoking or war? Or that water scarcity is the number four global risk regarding impact on society? Without changes in behaviors and business practices, demand for water will be 40% greater than supply by 2030. With that, we have to acknowledge that 0.95 million tons of microplastics enter the environment every year – polluting the air, soil, and most bodies of water.

This is why sustainability is so important and why it cannot only be addressed as individuals. We all have the responsibility to evaluate how we are working toward strengthening our sustainable practices –individually and together.


Introducing LoopZero

Helm is strongly committed to principles that support and provide sustainable solutions that create a positive environmental impact. Our most recent development, LoopZero, supports sustainability goals across the spectrum and provides the opportunity for us to partner with organizations to reach their goals.

LoopZero is a fully sustainable apparel line made from 100% recycled cotton. The LoopZero collection offers a premium selection of soft-feel t-shirts and hoodies that customers will love. This sustainable collection is designed to drive lasting change by using zero water in fiber production, zero dyes or chemicals, and zero microplastics. It’s developed using closed loop methodology– minimizing the carbon footprint and conserving fresh water.

Using 500 LoopZero t-shirts instead of 500 conventional t-shirts:

·      Saves 404,450 gallons of water – equivalent to one year’s worth of drinking water for 2,216 people,

·      Prevents the release of 973 lbs. of atmospheric carbon, and

·      Reduces landfill waste by 313 lbs. – equivalent to weight of 1,202 bananas.


Helm has taken the steps to identify and develop this sustainable apparel line, sourced from 100% recycled post-consumer materials. When organizations choose sustainable products, they support conservation and lessen the overall impact to our planet. Together we can help drive the industry towards a more environmentally friendly future. Let’s work together to support sustainability goals by saving water and reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste.

Reach out to us today to learn how Helm can support your corporate sustainability goals with branded merchandise solutions.

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