Building a Strong Company Culture: How Employee Appreciation Kits Make a Difference

Most business owners know that a company's success isn't solely dependent on its products or services. They know that a brand's company culture is also crucial to its growth and long-lasting success. Company culture is made up of the shared attitudes, values, behaviors, and standards that shape a corporate environment. It can be used to advance a sense of trust and transparency between leadership and employees and can positively contribute to employee development and wellbeing. According to, 88% of employees believe a strong company culture is key to fostering business success.

But what should companies do to build their company culture and cultivate a productive work environment? Offering employee welcome kits, gifts, and rewards are ways to strengthen a brand’s identity while directly uplifting the organization’s atmosphere. We all love to feel appreciated for our work, and studies have shown that being recognized for achievements in the work place increases employee engagement, productivity, and performance by at least 14%.

In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of a strong company culture, its intersection with employee welcome and recognition kits, and how they can play a transformative role in shaping a thriving work environment.


Employee Welcome Kits: Optimize Your Onboarding Experience

During the employee onboarding process, a curated welcome gift can create the perfect first impression for your newest team members. Positive onboarding programs that incorporate employee welcome kits have been proven to boost new hire retention rates by 82% and increase productivity rates by 70%. By implementing employee welcome kits into your onboarding practices, your company can create a strong foundation for a lasting relationship between employer and employee and further develop a positive company culture to elevate your business. Along with helping new hires feel welcomed and appreciated, employee welcome kits ensure employees are prepared with the essential tools and information they need to be successful.


How to Build the Perfect Employee Welcome Gift

When deciding what to include in your employee welcome kits, consider what your corporate necessities are and what items will enhance the new employee experience. For example, employees tasked with making frequent phone calls could benefit from personalized sticky note decks with branded writing tools, so they are always prepared to jot down quick notes. Maybe your industry is heavily reliant on tech devices? Portable chargers, USBs and earbuds for virtual calls can prove invaluable for everyday work functions. Other necessities, such as information packets or reusable water bottles, as well as complimentary items like company t-shirts, backpacks, tote bags or branded stickers are easy additions that can serve as the perfect ‘welcome to the family’ gift, while also providing an additional avenue to market your brand.


Employee Recognition Kits: A Little Appreciation Can Go a Long Way

Did you know that only one in three workers in the United States receives recognition for a completed project or accomplishment within the last week? Unfortunately, employee recognition is at an all-time low in many industries, with up to 65% of employees admitting that they haven’t received any acknowledgement for their good work in over a year. It’s no small mystery that retention and productivity rates are plummeting in organizations that fail to motivate and encourage their employees.

Recognizing employee accomplishments and achievements is essential in nurturing more satisfied and productive employees, whether it be for the completion of a major project or the contribution of a new idea that benefits your organization. When businesses implement employee recognition initiatives, employees are 73% less likely to feel burned out and five times more likely to feel connected and engaged with their workplace and its culture. Employee recognition and reward kits are just one way to go above and beyond in showing your employees that you genuinely appreciate their effort, time, and dedication to advancing your brand.


How to Build the Perfect Employee Recognition Kit

Similarly to employee welcome kits, recognition and reward gifts and giveaways should be tailored to the employee and your organization. When recognizing project completions or outstanding achievements, consider gifting impactful items such as plaques to commemorate their success. Gift cards and ‘new experience’ gifts - such as tickets for sport or local events - are powerful appreciative tools that not only foster a sense of pride and motivation within employees, but also contribute to your local economy and create an affinity between customers, employees and other brands and companies. Gratitude boxes with an assortment of thoughtful goods, such as chocolatey snack packs or a rest and relaxation kit, can also be used to express gratitude in a tangible and heartfelt manner.

With limitless kit and gift options, going the extra mile to recognize employees with appreciative gift options will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact and strengthen the bond between employees and your organization.


Expert Tips for Additional Employee Incentive and Appreciation Efforts

Along with employee welcome and recognition kits, there are numerous other ways to promote a robust company culture through incentive and appreciation efforts. Celebrating employee milestones, such as employment anniversaries or birthdays, showcases your company's commitment to acknowledging employee loyalty and value. Employee Appreciation Day, which is observed nationally on the first Friday in March, offers a dedicated period for employers to express gratitude and to recognize the collective efforts of their workforce. Whether with gifts, social media shout outs or other appreciative efforts, year-round recognition can go a long way in cultivating an environment of loyalty, motivation, and belonging among your valued team members.

The Next Step: Kit with Helm Today!

A strong company culture isn’t just one that operates under an explicit set of standards and expectations but is one that nurtures an environment for employees that encourages confidence, engagement, and a sense of belonging. When properly utilized, employee welcome kits and recognition gifts can play a significant role in shaping a positive work atmosphere that resonates with employers, employees, and customers alike.

At Helm, we understand the importance of a strong company culture and the essential role that welcoming and appreciative merchandise kits play in its development. Through our brand merchandising and reward and incentive services, we can help your brand build a company culture that not only boosts employee satisfaction, but also drives long-lasting success.

Have questions about the process of implementing a program to prepare new hires for the job or to incentivize your workforce to be more engaged? Contact us today at or 1-800-445-4831 to take the next step in establishing a thriving workplace and creating a united corporate team.


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