How To Use Branded Merchandise for Your Industry: Customizing for Success

In recent years, branded merchandise has solidified its place as one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can utilize to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty. Branded products - items adorned with your logo or brand elements - are more than just fan memorabilia for promotional giveaways. According to a recent study, more than 83% of consumers purchase products or services from companies that offer branded merchandise. As a tangible representation of your brand, a curated collection of branded items enables your dedicated buyers to invest in your company, all while serving as a consistent reminder of your company’s products and services to enhance brand recognition.

Offering customized branded merch - with designs, details, and materials unique to your brand - can offer a competitive edge against rival companies. Moreover, it fosters customer affection and excitement for your brand, enticing them to eagerly anticipate your new product offerings. Regardless of whether you run a tech startup company, a small-town hotel or an international fashion label, the benefits of customized branded products transcend industry boundaries. In this blog post, we’ll explore how customized branded merchandise can be used to boost visibility, stimulate long-lasting success, and drive profit margins across differing industries.


Retail and E-Commerce:

Retail and E-Commerce industries, from mega-corporations to small local shops, stand to gain tremendous revenue and notoriety by offering customized branded merchandise. For example, Starbucks– the coffee giant – makes more than  $2.2 billion annually in branded merchandise, with a wide array of tumblers, mugs, cold cups and clothing collaborations available. In fact, Starbucks has created its own market demand for mugs and tumblers by offering exclusive and limited time items, with one tumbler selling on eBay for almost $1,900 . Many consumers are drawn to the Starbucks brand because of its reputation, and the company effectively capitalizes on the loyalty of dedicated shoppers and brand enthusiasts through their product offerings.

By utilizing the creative freedom that customized branded merchandise offers, businesses can portray their brand aesthetics in diverse ways, each contributing to enhanced brand visibility. Incorporating product images and packaging designs onto branded items, such as t-shirts or reusable shopping bags, contributes to a memorable and cohesive brand experience for customers, both new and old.


Technology and Software:

The technology and software industries play a pivotal role in driving innovation and new product development. New solutions for unprecedented problems are being discovered and marketed constantly, inspiring the newest generations of innovators and business professionals to seize opportunities in this thriving market.

Every immaterial creation or concept gives rise to the opportunity for physical and marketable customized merchandise. Just as the right accessory can elevate any experience, offering branded merchandise that reflects the innovative and cutting-edge image of tech and software companies can amplify their brand. Incorporating tech-inspired designs, colors and patterns can not only increase profits, but further promote ground-breaking discoveries and digital products.

For example, if your program requires a specific device, like a desktop computer, consider creating customized accessories such as wireless computer mice, USBs, keyboards, and monitors specifically tailored to fit your tech or software development. These essential tools enhance the user experience and establish a natural affiliation that your company is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for comprehensive tech and software products and services.


Healthcare and Wellness:

According to IBISWorld, healthcare and wellness-focused industries dominate the list of the largest revenue-generating sectors in the United States. Among these industries, hospitals, drug and cosmetic wholesaling, and pharmaceutical sales emerge as the top three players, collectively raking in billions of dollars annually. However, businesses in these industries can create opportunities for continuous growth by leveraging branded merchandise.

Custom merchandise plays a crucial role in promoting healthy values and establishing a strong connection between your brand and wellbeing. Incorporating medical symbols, such as the plus sign, the star of life or the caduceus, alongside your logo creates a positive association between your brand name and aid, wellness, and a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Offering health-oriented items like branded hand sanitizers, first aid kits, bandage dispensers, masks and apparel can significantly stimulate growth in industries dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of their customers.

To maximize the affiliation between your company and well-being, healthcare and wellness companies should consider utilizing traditional or calming colors which can optimize sales results. Consider using colors such as fire-engine red and vibrant greens or light blues, greys, and whites, as they invoke familiar feelings of reliability and serenity commonly associated with medicinal services. In doing so, your branded product offerings ensure that customers feel supported and prepared for whatever challenges they may face.

Hospitality and Tourism:

For companies in the hospitality and tourism industries, unique merchandise can capture the essence of the destination or experience they aim to portray. Along with providing a more enjoyable guest experience, custom merchandise can serve as the perfect souvenir or memento for consumers. By personalizing items like apparel, accessories, and keepsakes, businesses can create lasting connections between their brand and their guests that keep them coming back for more.

One significant advantage hospitality and tourism industries have is the ability to incorporate local elements, landmarks, or features into branded items. Whether it's a locally crafted keychain or a personalized tumbler showcasing an iconic landmark, custom branded product offerings in tourism and hospitality sectors can forge stronger connections with guests, capture memories, and serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Education and Non-Profit:

While branded merchandise may not be the top priority for the education and non-profit industries, incorporating customized products can offer significant benefits in terms of profit and low-cost advertisement. According to Forbes, the collegiate licensed branded merchandise market boasts more than $4.6 billion annually. By offering university and school branded merchandise, educational institutions can foster a sense of culture and enhance their reputation while creating a sense of value amongst students, graduates, and parents. The average student spends roughly $65 a year on school-branded clothing, further indicating that educational branded products, from apparel to school supplies, can generate reliable profit for generations of students.

In nonprofit sectors, where every donation matters, offering customized branded merchandise enables your supporters to go beyond the occasional contribution. Customer loyalty and appreciation for your company is strengthened when consumers know their hard-earned dollars are going towards a good cause and that they will be rewarded with premium quality goods for their altruistic contributions. Annually, personalized t-shirts generate up to $3 billion in sales for non-profits, with tote bags, pop sockets, calendars and drinkware following closely behind. By offering practical branded items, adorned with inspirational quotes, impactful messages or nonprofit slogans, organizations can further celebrate their donors for their unwavering support.


Maximize Your Marketing Potential:

Customized branded merchandise has the potential to revolutionize your marketing strategy across various industries. Whether you’re looking to captivate fashion-forward shoppers, showcase the newest developments in tech or provide unforgettable experiences to your guests, Helm can help your business reap the rewards of a well-crafted brand merchandising strategy. Explore the endless possibilities of custom branded merchandise - complete our contact form or reach us by phone or email at +1 734-468-3625 or

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