Top 5 Branded Merchandise Products for the Summer

After a long winter, consumers are not only eager to spend their hard-earned savings on experiences and travel, but also on merchandise that complements these summer events and activities. Did you know that nearly half of Americans spend more money in the summer months than in any other season? A recent study showed that up to 79% of 1,000 polled participants agree with the statement, “Yes, the summer is a time to spend your money.”

Whether planning a beach getaway, hosting a backyard barbecue, or gearing up for the next outdoor adventure, customers are enjoying the great outdoors and taking advantage of seasonal sales to supply their needs. Stocking useful warm weather essentials in your branded merch program provides opportunities to expand your customer base, increase customer loyalty, and generate consistent revenue.

But what items are ‘hot’ on every customer's summer wish list? Check out our curated list of must-have summer favorites so your business can stand out from the crowd this season.


1.    Summer Apparel: Stock up on Summer Styles

With summer comes drastic wardrobe changes. Back-to-school shopping, restocking the closet after spring cleaning, and trying out new styles are just some of the most popular drivers for summer shoppers.

Branded t-shirts, hats, shorts, and footwear provide breathable, stylish solutions for all types of clientele - not just the seasonal fashionistas. Whether for lounging or exploring the outdoors, casual clothing provides your customers with all they need for a cool, comfortable summer. Offering a variety of summer clothing options gives your fans the opportunity to represent your brand while warding off the summer heat, building customer loyalty and promoting your company to new audiences.

Incorporating cotton materials and lighter colors into your summer apparel stock can work wonders for those easily overwhelmed by the heat. Sticking with traditional seasonal themes and styles while also venturing into new innovative designs can expand your brand's reach and generate meaningful profit.

2.    Lifestyle Essentials: Live Life to the Fullest

Whether out on the go or finding refuge in indoor air conditioning, lifestyle accessories are a must-have for nearly all consumers. When did you last use a reusable water bottle, tote bag, phone case, or can cooler? We’re willing to bet it was within the last few days, if not minutes ago! Lifestyle accessories meet essential needs and optimize the customer experience during every season. These practical items are not only ideal for summer adventurers but also those in need of everyday necessities.

Lifestyle accessories can range from wearable items like handbags, belts, jewelry, and sunglasses to functional ones such as water bottles, backpacks, duffle bags, bicycles, and coolers. The possibilities are limitless, but choosing to center your stock around the season can help narrow options and provide exactly what your customers need to thrive this summer.


3.     Outdoor Equipment: Fun in the Sun

After a long winter, warmer weather reignites the passion and longing for adventure in the great outdoors. Whether your customers explore their backyards or visit new, faraway places, outdoor equipment is essential for those returning to their active lifestyles. More than 85% of Americans plan to travel this summer, meaning that demand for camping, hiking, road-tripping, and traveling essentials is rising.

For stay-cations, backyard parties, and casual get-togethers, barbeque sets and tools, yard games, and lawn chairs are reliable choices for outdoorsy summer stock. For coastal areas, beach umbrellas and coolers are a must, while avid-camping communities may prefer tents, picnic sets, and portable game equipment.

4.    Personal Health Items: Sun, Sand, and Self-Care

Every summer tool kit should include preventative or emergency equipment. 42% of adults report getting sunburned at least once every summer, and harmful UV rays can deprive the skin of essential moisture and protective layers. Personal health items, like sunscreen, moisturizer, bug spray, lip balm, and first aid kits, affiliate your brand with the well-being that enables customers to have fun in the sun. For parents, hygiene items like wipes, sanitizers, and antibacterial spray can quickly solve otherwise very messy problems, taking away much of the anxiety associated with the great outdoors.

Providing personal health items gives customers peace of mind to promote a summer of wellness and health. Each time your branded merchandise comes to the rescue, customers will have your brand to thank.


5.    Tech Tools: Convenience for All Locales

It can be easy to think of summer as a time to disconnect and embrace the simplicity of nature; but in reality, many elements of our lives are intertwined with our devices. Whether on the road or at home, our phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches play pivotal roles in our work, home, and social lives. A dead battery, missing cord, or poor-quality speaker can damper any outing. Whether customers utilize their devices to keep in contact with business associates or loved ones or prefer to use them for entertainment, a carefully curated selection of tech gear can offer customers the opportunity to stay connected and make the most of their summer escapades.

USBs, water-proof portable speakers, charging cords, digital watches, and health monitoring devices can provide invaluable aid as customers are out and about. From poolside tunes to quick and accessible charging, innovative tech tools and gadgets are a must-have year-round for your shop and estore.


Summer Adventure Awaits: Equip your E-store with Summer Stock Today!

As the temperature rises, so does the opportunity to meaningfully connect with your audience. From stylish apparel adorned with your company logo to practical accessories that keep your brand in the spotlight, these curated selections are sure to make a lasting impression all summer long.

With more than 80 years of experience serving iconic brands, Helm is here as your single source provider for brand marketing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about your options to fully customize a branded merchandise program for your employees, clients, and/or customers. Reach us by phone or email at +1 734-468-3625 or

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