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We Make The Brand You Love, Look Good

In-store, online, In everyday life.

Helm is a leading provider of corporate branded marketing to the world’s best-known brands.

We offer a full-line of branded merchandise with an extensive array of imprint products, service reminder solutions, and corporate marketing support services designed to strengthen your brand and inspire every person you reach.

Our team of professional product and media specialists will handle every aspect of your program - researching your audience, selecting the perfect assortment of product, and designing a stunning eCommerce website. Helm will optimize your website, and promote your merchandise to drive sales and brand impressions to employees, consumers and franchisees.

Brand Name & Private Label Apparel
Imprint Products
Advanced Business Intelligence
Business and Consumer eCommerce Solutions
World-class Fulfillment Solutions
10X Digital Marketing Strategy to Drives Sales

Choose from brand-name apparel, accessories, promotional products, electronics, retail fixtures and customer retention tools that reinforce your brand objectives in-store, online, or in everyday life.

In-store: POS, POP, fixtures, signage, and imprinted products and consumables – where brand continuity is essential for the success of your franchise.

Online: Your brand, our eCommerce and fulfillment solution enable employees, consumers, and franchisees to easily order brand loyalty products anywhere, anytime.

In Everyday Life: Encourage brand affinity by infusing your brand into lives of your customers with an extensive line of logoed products, private label and name brand apparel.

Learn how our branded marketing programs can drive sales, customer loyalty.
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As a corporation, business or franchise owner, you intimately understand how important your customers are to the viability and longevity of your brand – especially repeat customers. Therefore, the brand loyalty you forge by cultivating and sustaining amazing customer relationships results in more sales and brand advocates on your side.

Brand Loyalty Benefits: More Repeat Purchases, Brand Advocacy, Higher Social Engagement, Price Insensitivity, Higher Conversions, Higher Referral Rates.

Genuine brand loyalty means that you are reaching your audience on a personal level and providing them with an experience that goes beyond the products and services they trust.  And it starts with how your customers perceive and interact with your brand — whether they’re visiting a store, buying online, or seeing your logo proudly displayed on your biggest fan's favorite t-shirt.

Helm provides comprehensive brand loyalty, affinity and continuity products and services.

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Unique Branded Merchandise

We’ll help you select and design best-fit branded merchandise that achieves your business goals and satisfies your audience’s unique needs - with your logo as centerpiece..

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Whether customer-facing or internal, how you order and fulfill your custom branded merchandise needs must be simple and user-friendly. We design and implement custom e-commerce systems that work with your current POS.

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10X DIGITAL Marketing

Just having amazing branded merchandise is not enough. You still have to get the word out there about your product and services. We’ll stand behind you with dedicated marketing support services to drive your new ventures forward.

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Comprehensive Program Management

Already have a built-in customer loyalty program that just needs experience and some dedicated attention? We can help streamline your current program to produce real results in real time.

Support Services

We cultivated an extensive network of suppliers and relationships over our 75+ years in business. These value-add support services allow us to create a complete solution for your business.

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Program Management

Already have a built-in customer loyalty program that just needs experience and some dedicated attention? We can help streamline your current program to produce real results in real time.

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Budget & Funds Management

Helm has extensive knowledge and experience with complex, proprietary and industry specific billing, invoicing, and funds management. Budget funds, co-op, parts account billing, or multiple cost center or business unit allocations.

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Marketing Services

From email marketing and ecommerce development to custom design, direct mail and creative services, we have a full suite of capabilities ready to support your business needs.

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Business Intelligence

Helm offers a comprehensive reporting suite that provides a detailed analysis of not only sales, but also purchasing demographics, including top items. Helm also offers visual management tools, including our proprietary dashboard reporting, that provides our clients an at-a-glance scorecard of their business at their fingertips.

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Digital Print Services

Helm is experienced, knowledgeable and highly-qualified in print management services. We regularly manage a variety of print programs— including large multiple press runs and accelerated print schedules—and assume responsibility for the quality, efficiency, and timely delivery of all program components. We provide offset printing, digital printing, and print-on-demand (POD) capabilities in-house.

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Specialty Procurement

Track down the best products according to your quality demands, budget, volume needs and branding goals. Our connections make your merchandising more profitable.

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Call Center Services

With Helm on your side, you focus on your core business while we make sure customers have their orders filled, questions answered, and are satisfied with the service they’re receiving – from you.


Over our history, Helm has worked with hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries. No two clients have businesses that are alike, so we don’t expect any of them to fit a standardized template. Helm is able to develop unique, highly-tailored solutions for each and every one of our customers.

By partnering with Helm, you give your brand more strategic advantages to compete and thrive in today’s ever evolving marketplace.

Helm offers a combination of experience, expertise and extensive supply chain relationships you won’t find anywhere else.  These advantages merge with our best-of-breed technology, enabling us to design and deliver customized solutions that perfectly complement your business rules and your brand.

We take the time to learn about your business, your brand values, the expectations of your customers and the unique challenges you face. After we get to know you, Helm will deliver a highly-tailored solution that complements your business goals and objectives.

The Helm team is committed to our philosophy of incredible customer satisfaction at all points and has demonstrated a track record of real, successful results through our long-standing client relationships.

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