A premium brand gets premium recognition

The Situation:

Castrol, a premium motor oil, had an online retail store (eCommerce site) for branded merchandise. Castrol was not satisfied with the sales numbers or with the merchandise the store offered to its customers. Goods available included low-end items such as plastic mugs, cheap polo shirts, and other generic merchandise that did not match Castrol’s top-of-the-line image. Castrol wanted to increase its merchandise sales and upgrade to a store and items that would reflect its quality brand.

The Solution:

Helm offered Castrol a solid alternative, and staked its reputation on addressing Castrol’s requirements. Helm started by analyzing Castrol’s current store offerings while simultaneously studying Castrol’s branding initiatives, demographics, and vision for its brand. Helm also listened to Castrol’s staffers and retailers and came up with a plan to take Castrol higher. Helm then began identifying products more aligned to Castrol’s brand message and image. Helm was able to source high-end goods that were not usually part of the brand specialty world. These included clothing, outdoor gear, sporting goods, and other items from well-known companies such as Cutter & Buck, Adidas, Victorinox, and Columbia. Helm also redesigned Castrol’s online store, added new outlets, and began offering Castrol-branded POS and POP items.

The Results:

Within 12 months, Helm increased Castrol sales almost fourfold and took Castrol’s inventory from 275 SKUs to 1500 SKUs, and from one store to eight. Helm was also able to add a fulfillment tie-in of no-cost items (brochures) along with development of an online quotation system and a pricing structure for special events and promotions. Castrol’s doing well, and Helm’s helping.

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