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Data That Drives Your Business

Data Flow and Execution

Helm's business intelligence solution combines data analysis, reporting and tracking to provide the big picture while maintaining detail at every level. Whether you are forecasting, reviewing program performance or preparing trend visualizations Helm's suite of business intelligence tools can be tailored to leverage your organization's data. Utilizing a secure central data warehouse our systems can ingest multiple streams of incoming data, and produce meaningful, actionable information for your business.

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    Manage multiple / simultaneous data feeds

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    Custom reporting dashboards and CRM tracking

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    Predictive analytics for forecasting and segmentation

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    Descriptive analytics for visualization and trend tracking

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    Program modeling and performance tracking

Real-Time Business Intelligence


Managing data from multiple daily feeds: sales data, account info, transaction and more.


Forecasting, opportunity identification, segmentation and account profiling.


Interactive visualizations and drill-down capabilities to find the detailed data you need.


Fully integrated monitors and alerts to stay informed on what is happening in the moment.

Turn Data Into Action

At Your Fingertips

Helm's business intelligence solution has been optimized to deliver information on your business and monitor activities across multiple platforms and systems. Whether you have an existing CRM database, or need customized dashboards for reporting and tracking, our BI solution can be tailored to help drive better business decisions.

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