Promotional Products Have Huge ROI for Brand Recognition

As companies spend billions on TV and online ads, they often forget that one of their best answers for brand recognition happens to be right under their nose — literally.

No, seriously. Look down! Do you see a company logo on your desk pen, mouse pad or the apparel you’re wearing? That logo will be seen by thousands of people by the time that product has finally finished its lifecycle. In this way, branded promotional products create a huge impact by having a real, lasting and highly visible physical presence.

Companies using branded promo products get huge ROI out of these items, especially when it comes to brand exposure, brand recognition and brand awareness. According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, affordable promotional items like pens, caps, shirts, mugs and cups have one of the lowest costs per impression (CPI) of any marketing channel. Dividing out the number of people exposed to the branded item from the cost of the item equals $0.002 CPI on average. That’s even bigger returns than digital marketing!

Learn more about the power and potential that these promotional branded merchandise items have, and how they can become a reliable way to strengthen your brand recognition.

The Facts on How Promotional Branded Merchandise Boosts Brand Recognition

Most forms of marketing are an “ask” — a request for your customer to do something. When it comes to branded promos, your marketing is really a “give.” Rather than having to say yes to spending money, your recipients simply have to say yes to free goodies, something that’s not hard for most of us to do.

Looking at the statistics, the positive results of receiving branded merchandise practically speak for themselves:

  • ‍71% of people report remembering that they have received a free branded promo in the past year
  • Over a third of these people had these items currently on their person!
  • 76% of people surveyed remember the name of the company that gave them the free promo
  • By comparison, just around half of people could remember the name of a brand that ran a print ad in the past week
  • 52% of people spent money with the brand that gave them their promo item
  • 52% of people also had a more favorable opinion of the company that offered them a branded giveaway
  • 79% said they were likely to do business with the brand again in the future
  • 87% of people surveyed kept the promo item for more than a year!

The longevity and continuing visibility of branded merchandise therefore turns one exchange into thousands of possible exposures for your brand. Unlike media ads, which we typically tune out, seeing a brand logo on an everyday item causes us to pause and pay attention.

As a result, branded promotional items are the gift that keeps on giving — right back to your company!

Source Branded Promotional Items Best Fit to Your Brand Values, Budget and Campaign Goals

No matter what type of campaign you have in mind for your promotional items, Helm can help you curate the perfect raw materials, decorate them with a logo or design that serves your brand image before distributing them exactly where they need to be.

We can manage the entire lifecycle of your product — including shipping fulfillment, product sourcing and program management — or as small of a slice as you need.

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