How Branding Can Bring Cohesion to Your Next Event

Corporate events are important “trial by fire” moments for companies. Those able to professionally extend their brand through every event element will help it grow, mature and evolve. As a result, the company builds both brand equity and brand prestige.

These benefits show why brand cohesion at your next corporate event is decidedly a “must have,” not a “nice to have.” By having your brand displayed through fixtures, displays, accents like tablecloths and event staff uniforms, your company demonstrates that its brand is fully realized and has a powerful real-world presence.

Whether your company is a fledgling startup or an established, centuries-old brand with an enduring legacy, projecting this brand continuity at every event is vital to sustain its values. You can also re-engage people with a new sense of awareness, essentially refreshing your brand values with an impressive aura that can be seen upon nearly every surface.

Learn how you can achieve this effect during your next event and how it benefits your brand overall by reading on.

Branding That Touches Upon Every Stage of Your Event

Brand continuity should be present at all stages of your planned event, especially right from the very beginning.

Chances are that your marketing department has spent days deciding on themes, imagery and messaging that make this particular event unique. All of this effort should be reflected in assets that get the ball rolling on the event.

For instance, invites can use a special version of your brand logo in a way that matches the event’s unique look and feel. You can also send promotional items to invitees to help them get excited about the event-to-come and solidify why the event is worth attending.

As you set up the event, having your branded presence in the event space hallways or parking lot (venue permitting) also serves as a powerful signal to attendees. Should they arrive without items like displays and custom-branded decorations, they may wonder if they got the time or place wrong. On the other hand, seeing branded fixtures and displays signals “you are in the right place,” helping nurture excitement.

Once the event kicks off, branded giveaways can reward their attendance while building stronger connections with your brand. Décor can include tasteful iterations of your brand color scheme, logo or mascot characters to combine established ideas with a fresh setting. Branded uniforms for event staff and hosts create a monolithic yet approachable presence for your brand upon each person.

Should you present any awards or special items as recognition during your event, it should also carry an air of prestige and entrenched value indicative of how you feel about both the recipient and your brand.

After the event, “thank you” notes or further giveaways show sincere gratitude while helping the attendee retain their memories of the day.

In this way, showing your brand off in creative ways guarantees the journey for each attendee and makes your event uniquely memorable.

Brand Continuity Sends Consistent Signals That Make Your Brand More Respectable

The above examples work whether you are the sole host of an event, a cosponsor or just a small component of a larger industry gathering. By creatively discovering ways to extend your brand within the event’s physical space in subtle or elegant ways, you show a different,

more-prestigious side of your brand while staying true to your values.

As a result, your brand feels bigger and more established than it ever has before.

Find out how to make your next events special with custom displays, branded merchandise, clothing, giveaways and more. Maximize the value from each appearance by taking a look at our full-scale branded event merchandising and brand continuity offerings today.

Meta: Having a full-scale branded presence at your next event using brand continuity merchandise makes your brand more tangible, prestigious, and respected.

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Social: Events are a chance for your brand to shine, strengthen and be remembered by using unique branded items that extend your brand presence into the real world.

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