6 Ways Multi-Channel Fulfillment Benefits Customers

Multi-channel fulfillment can deliver an amazing experience for customers, strengthening the respect they have for your brand and encouraging them to order again.

Most brands these days recognize the importance of being present on multiple sales channels and wrapping their customer journey into an omnichannel experience. But, they may not have the bandwidth or the capabilities to take this on. Commonly, the brand will handle a certain type of shipping channel really well — such as direct website orders — but create a sub-standard fulfillment experience on others — such as selling inventory through drop-ship eBay accounts.

Customers don’t listen very well to excuses when it comes to order fulfillment, and they care even less about the sales channel you “specialize” in. They just want their items delivered on time, accurately, with no damage and all the paperwork they need. These priorities increase 100-fold for B2B customers, who have to be held accountable for the final result no matter who was in charge when things went wrong.

Switching to a managed multi-channel fulfillment system resolves all of these issues, improves customer experience and creates the following seven benefits for people who order from your company:

1. Better Order Processing

With multi-channel fulfillment, there is no “standard” channel, so there are fewer opportunities for complexity to lead to errors as order processing goes through. One company is placed in charge of processing and fulfillment, so orders get picked quicker and more accurately.

Third-party fulfillment providers like Helm also invest in best-of-breed WMS solutions to lower overhead and increase transparency all throughout the process.

2. Expedited Fulfillment

Lowered complexity and improved processing almost always results in faster shipped times. The quicker the customer can go from a click to seeing a package on their doorstep (or in their lobby), the happier they are likely to be.

3. Accurate Inventory and Transparent Order Tracking

Going hand-in-hand with improved processing, having one point of fulfillment for all channels increases the transparency of both SKU inventory count and the current status of their order. Better information gives them a better experience and a better impression of your brand overall.

4. Item Discovery on Every Channel

Multi-channel fulfillment gets rid of the conundrum customers face when they are “punished” for ordering from a non-standard channel. They have no way of knowing that their order processing would be deprecated based on the channel they chose. All they know is that they discovered an item through a particular customer journey, and they want it ASAP.

When they can receive consistent service no matter what channel they order from, they have the opportunity to discover products on many different websites, platforms and sales channels.

5. One Point of Contact for Issue Resolution

As mentioned above, no one wants excuses or the classic “runaround,” but complex

multi-channel ordering processes can make answers hard to come by. With a single point of service for multi-channel fulfillment, they can get the answers they need any time an issue comes up, and they also get to enjoy a streamlined system for returns, refund credits and other vital customer support scenarios.

6. Stable Pricing and Shipping Times Regardless of Channel

People have a hard time understanding why their order might cost more or take long to get to them based on the channel they buy from. To them, their experience shouldn’t be channel dependent, especially when it comes to their precious time and money.

Using a multi-channel fulfillment system irons out the differences in shipping costs, ship times, order processing and more, ensuring that no one has to choose between pros and cons when choosing how they buy.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment Delivers a Consistent, Positive Experience Every Time

All of the above benefits can be summed up as improving the ordering experience to be more consistently positive while providing subtle value-add moments. Additionally, the customer sees 100% accountability coming from one source of information, giving them a cohesive view of your brand that can deepen their affinity.

Give your customers all of these benefits while improving your relationship with every person who orders when you take a look at our managed multi-channel fulfillment services today.

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