6 Branded Merchandise Ideas for the Holidays

As the holidays approach, branded merchandise creates unique opportunities to serve as both a gift and a method of promotional marketing.

Brands able to come up with concepts that are desirable, provide value and generate opportunities for exponential impressions have their best chance of the year for fulfilling brand affinity goals.

But not every type of branded merchandise will work! Some ideas are not-so-useful, whereas others may not generate the type of brand value associations desired.

To help you fulfill your branding goals — and ensure everyone who receives your branded merchandise has a happier holiday — consider our following six suggestions for the best branded holiday merch below.

Items for Pets

People absolutely adore their pets, so brands that are able to provide value to the pet’s life have a surefire “in” with the owner.

Make good use of this fact and our pets’ inherent cute factor by giving branded pet items. Pet-sized bandanas are always a great gift, for instance. Branded pet brushes help improve pets’ quality of life while giving owners a chance to bond. Zip up pouches designed to fit dog waste bags and other pet travel essentials also provide multiple types of value in a versatile package.

High-quality ceramic pet bowls can likewise provide extended value as well as strengthened brand affinity every time they are refilled. Ditto for cute catnip toys — who wouldn’t coo at a cat running around with a mascot in their mouth?

Products like these often generate photo ops or compliments from strangers, producing multiple impressions all centered around positive feelings toward animals.

Thermoses and Mugs

Yes, thermoses and mugs have been done to death, but they still provide value. The key is to steer well away from generic — no low-effort white coffee mugs or yet-another metal vacuum tumbler.

Instead, look to colorful items that also do a great job of insulating. If you can come up with a holiday-themed variation of your logo, all the better.

By differentiating your product, you help people who often have a shortage of good drinking vessels while encouraging them to choose your branded product over their own.

Earbuds, Charging Banks, Portable Speakers

We love our tech almost as much as we love our pets. We also tend to forget key tech items at home just when we need them most.

Combined, branded tech accessories make a perfect holiday merchandise gift because we can always do with an extra. Offering people charging banks or portable speakers gives them an additional one to keep in the office, in their car, or in their gym bag. Finally, for those of us who don’t have the jack-less iPhone 8, an extra set of earbuds is always appreciated since they can get lost so easily.

Embroidered Beanies and Scarves

Chilly weather can sneak up on us fast, so adding to people’s collection of warm weather gear is a reliable way to ensure a branded item actually gets used. Try to source knit items that have a decent quality and genuine embroidery. If the item feels cheap or not really that warm, it won’t get used.

Shopping Totes

Shopping totes help cut down on environmental waste, and they pull double duty during trips! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve carefully packed a suitcase but then tossed a few pairs of shoes in our reusable shopping bags before jumping in the car.

Holiday Stockings

While not everyone celebrates Christmas, stockings offer fairly universal appeal — especially since they can get filled with gifts! For employees, franchisees and B2B clients, gifting branded stockings also encourages people to share the holiday cheer by filling them with candy or other gifts.

In fact, giving away a stocking gives you the chance to fill it with other branded goodies as an added surprise!

Source Quality Branded Merchandise for the Holidays to Spread Some Cheer

Helm can help you make everyone’s holidays a bit more special — and extend your brand into more situations — by sourcing quality products in addition to helping with fulfillment, program management, budgeting and more.

Contact us today before you miss out on the chance to make someone’s holidays all the more special!

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