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Helm is a leading provider of brand marketing solutions, supply chain services, and leading edge technology solutions to some of the world’s best-known companies since 1943. Every day, we use our creativity and ingenuity to solve problems for our clients and help them build their brand and create meaningful connections with their clients, employees, franchisees.
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To be the best at what we do, and for every customer, competitor and employee to know it.

We are on a mission to drive value to our clients with innovative end-2-end marketing solutions, supply chain services and leading edge technologies.

Who Is Helm?

Helm is not a company of individuals. Helm is a team, composed of more than 120 talented people dedicated to helping brand loyalty strengthen between our clients and their customers. No matter what responsibilities an individual has, each one is supported by and relies upon the strengths of everyone on the team. Through our collective dedication, diligence, professionalism, integrity, grit, and imagination, we help the worlds most recognized brands fit into the everyday lives of their employees, consumers, and franchisees - to build and strengthen affinity. Each member of the Helm team understands and is committed to our philosophy, and is empowered to continually discover new and innovative ways to achieve our mission and vision.

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Celebrating 75 Years of Success

For over 75 years, Helm has been helping brands enhance their appeal and inspire loyalty through our evolving set of unique, customizable, and client-focused services.

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Founded in Detroit, Michigan as a commercial trade bindery
1950s - 1960s
Continued to expand services to meet client needs
Entered the fulfillment and branded merchandise business
Moved headquarters to Highland Park, Michigan
Became an early adopter of digital technology, providing innovative eCommerce solutions
1990s - 2000s
Added marketing, creative, technology, and customer satisfaction divisions
Moved headquarters to Plymouth, Michigan, and added a second distribution
and warehouse facility in Livonia
2012 - Present
Continues to open strategic sales and distribution locations across the country to serve
existing and prospective clients

Helm begins business operations

Helm begins printing and binding vehicle service manuals for Ford Motor Company

Helm begins fulfillment operations

Helm  improves time to market for clients by shipping service and owner manuals directly to dealerships.

Helm branded merchandise starts with a pen

It all started with a simple question.  "Do you think any would want a pen with a Motorcraft logo on it" Since then Helm has sold over 100,000,000 pens.

Helm prints first service manual using digital printing technology

Helm invested in a leading edge digital printer with a company call Xerox. The relationship is still thriving, and today Helm prints over 80 million pages on-demand each year!

Helminc.com is launched

www.helminc.com is launched. A popular site for OEM factory authorized automotive service, warranty and owner manuals.  Receives over 10,000 orders in first 90 days. Today, the website serves over 1 million visitors per year.

Helm moves to new headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan

Helm opens new headquarters in Plymouth, MI to provide employees and clients with modern amenities and open collaborative work spaces environment.

Helm open new flagship Livonia Distribution Center

The Livonia, Michigan, 140,000 square foot facility ships over 750,000 package and 8 million pieces of product annually.

Helm celebrates 75 years of success!

The company first formed in 1943 as a commercial trade bindery based in Detroit, Michigan. Since then, it has grown to provide global fulfillment services, and logoed apparel and merchandise for corporate clients with large networks of corporate employees, franchisees, and consumers.


Helm's culture is built around two pillars:

Our core values: accountability, integrity and results.
Our key practices: value creation, effective communication and optimism.

Everything we do both internally and for our clients is 100% customer-focused. We aim to deliver results, not excuses. Client needs come before our own, so we give employees the skills and support to know their craft, and know it well, to show deference to one another, and most of all encourage everyone to be transparent by discussing both failure and success openly so we can all learn, improve, and enjoy moments of victory.

But we also want everyone to have fun, along the way. To take time out for ourselves, spend time getting to know each other, and take time to focus on others in need. Because whether you’re a client or a coworker, we all depend on each other to do great things.