Year of the Farmer

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The Situation: 

As part of its Ram truck “Year of the Farmer” marketing theme, Chrysler introduced during the 2013 Super Bowl broadcast “Farmer,” an emotional and inspiring two-minute commercial honoring the American farmer.

RAM_112FG_T.jpgThe commercial featured a recorded speech—"So God Made a Farmer"—given by the late radio commentator Paul Harvey to the Future Farmers of America several years ago. Harvey’s moving narration was combined with stark photographic images of farm life to create a poignant and compelling tribute to hardworking farm families across the country.

Like its previous Super Bowl commercials, “Imported from Detroit” and “Halftime,” Chrysler’s “Farmer” was an immediate success and generated plenty of recognition for an often overlooked and under-appreciated segment of American society. Ram turned the farmer into an American hero. The commercial immediately struck a powerful emotional chord with viewers.

Chrysler and Ram now had an opportunity to seize on the popularity of “Farmer” and keep the momentum going. But simply rerunning the commercial on television wasn’t enough. The public wanted to participate and recognize farmers’ hard work and display their appreciation for it. How to do that became the question.

The Solution: 

ram_10U99_T.jpgThe answer came quickly through Helm, Chrysler’s longtime branded merchandise and fulfillment partner. Experienced and expert in recognizing branded marketing opportunities, Helm wanted to give Ram fans a tangible way to show their support of the American farmer.

Working to maximize the success of the commercial and give Chrysler the opportunity to increase Ram’s visibility, Helm quickly set out to provide caps and tees branded with “So God made a farmer” to a waiting audience. Beginning the day after Super Bowl Sunday, a team of 10 Helm staffers designed the apparel, acquired the inventory, and created appropriate sales pages for the Ram-branded merchandise website. Drawing on their extensive brand-marketing experience, the team had the items displayed on the website by that Thursday and sent an email blast to Ram dealers across the country alerting them to the availability of the caps and tees. Within four days, the team had gone from concept to execution.

The Results: 

"Beyond expectations".

Dealers, along with an enthusiastic and receptive public, flooded the Ram-branded merchandise website with orders for “So God made a farmer” caps and tees. Both the cap and the tee shirt had a remarkable reception while reinforcing Ram’s high regard for farmers. Farmers, in fact, were especially appreciative of Chrysler’s recognition of them and turned that appreciation into consumer interest and prospective loyalty to Ram trucks. The items boosted Ram’s visibility and helped Chrysler turn its ad into a high ROI “Year of the Farmer” marketing tactic.

Ram_10U9G_T.jpgSales of caps and tees held steady in the first few days, and a week after the product launch, a second email blast sparked another sales surge as farmers, dealers, and the general public responded strongly.

Helm also managed the related fulfillment process. While the huge number of orders could have caused inventory management and logistical issues, the entire retail and fulfillment process was effortlessly handled. Orders were received, processed, and flawlessly shipped.

In the end, an inspiring Ram commercial generated respect for America’s farmers and interest in Chrysler’s line of Ram trucks.

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